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house wash

Every Home in SW, FL Needs House Washing!

Don’t let mildew, algae, & grim take over your Home’s Exterior Beauty! At Martins Maintenance service, we believe that a clean home is always a happy home. And, that doesn’t apply only to the interior of your home, but to the exterior as well. Unfortunately, people often forget that the outside of their home is a magnet for dirt, mildew & algae growth. It doesn’t matter whether your home consists of vinyl, brick or stucco, the Soft Washing Lee and collier county services of Martins Maintenance Power Washing not only provides a more thorough cleaning but also maintains a cleaner surface for a longer time.


Soft washing, pressure washing

Increase the value of your home whit a simple house wash

Unlike many of our competitors, we use advance rotary high pressure and low pressure washing, so we've got the right tool for the jobs. Our pressure washing systems are more environmentally friendly, as less water and chemicals are needed for a professional clean, which benefits us, you, and the community. we are servicing all lee county and collier county. for a free estimate call (239)888-1903

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